Honor Roll: October 2017

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Each month, we like to highlight valuable community members and name them to a monthly honor roll.  Just hover over their names and click "follow" or visit their profiles and follow them there to get their activity in your news stream in the community.

This helps expose you to how active community members are engaging with other Nintex users.  You'll see what content they're creating, and responding to.  It's a great way to enrich your community experience.

For October, we have a nice mix of new and existing community members.  A couple of call-outs:

Tom Castiglia‌ is a long-time community member and Nintex Partner.  His answers to people's questions are always helpful, but Tom's also blogged a couple of times in just the last month. Visit his profile page and click "content." to see his blogs. Tom, thank you!

Vincent Cabral‌ is the VP of Product for Nintex Drawloop. He's a frequent visitor to the community, answering customer questions. I don't think it's often that a VP at any company takes the time to interact with customers at the community level. I think it speaks to the person he is and the kind of company Nintex is.  Vincent, thank you!

Nintex Technical Evangelists have been creating great content for the new Nintex Product Blog‌. It's THE place to get the latest information the features and capabilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform. Many thanks to those listed below! Follow these guys!

And thanks to customersRamana Thakkallapally‌ and who've been members for about a little while, but recently dove in to provide some really helpful replies. It's a perfect example of community give and take.

See the entire list below. Thank you all for your answers and contributions to the Nintex Connect community!

This month's Honor Roll members to follow:

honorroll Honor Roll

Clavin Fernandes

Ramana Thakkallapally

Ben Stori

Vincent Cabral

Tom Castiglia

Terry Simpson

Chris Ellis

Patrick Hosch

Mohammed Qattan

William Knowles

Congratulations and thank you to all of this month's Honor Roll members!

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Honor Roll members will get this badge in their reputation center, along with 100 points.

This is not just open to the whims of the community manager! If you'd like to nominate someone for the honor roll next month, send me a message: frank.field@nintex.com or ping me via the community!

Nintex Newbie

Thanks  - Much appreciated.  I know I'm not as active on the Community site as a lot of people, but I'm trying!

Nintex Newbie

Thank you very much

Cloud Wanderer

Thanks Frank Field‌. I am trying to share what I know..