Get Task History and display on your form.

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Here is a little Holiday treat for everyone.. The Nintex Web Service I still believe is a little golden nugget rarely utilised.. I was presented this issue the other day from a prospective customer, and I thought  "yeah I can do that"

The idea was that in Nintex Forms the customer wanted to display the workflow audit history. EG

Display NameActivity TitleOutcomeStartEndUser Comments
Dan StollAssign Flexi TaskPending3:40 PM 23/12/2014
Eileen TanAssign a Flexi taskCompleted3:39 PM 23/12/20143:40 PM 23/12/2014(Eileen Tan) testing

Inside the form.

So without waffling to much here is a screenshot of the UDA and please find attached at the bottom.

Untitled picture.png

The main element is calling the Nintex Webservice method 'GetWorkflowHistoryForListItem' . and then using the 'Call Web Service' action to drill into the XML results to pull the information you need into Collection Variables.

Untitled picture.png

Once you have all this info you can use the same technique as you do to build a nicely formatted table for emails as posted here Formatting Results to an Email‌ .

The final result looks a little like this when the output of the UDA is set to a Rich Text box and then connected as a label in Nintex Forms

Untitled picture.png

Please note that the Webservice call action will require the correct credentials added.

Happy Holidays..