February 2017 Mission: Real World Solution

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 This month's mission comes from our 2016 Leaderboard champion, Blue Ribbon Group member, and SharePoint Solutions Analyst, Cassy Freeman‌!


Successful completion of this mission will earn you 150 points and the Real World '17 badge!

The idea sprung from last year's World's Easiest Nintex Connect Mission‌, where we got some great ideas for real challenges.

Let's see what you'd do with real-world requirements!


Read the following customer requirements and produce a working solution using any of the Nintex workflow or forms products available to you. The solution will populate dates to patch a server in your SharePoint calendar.

To receive the points you will create a document in the Nintex Gallery about your solution, detailing exactly how you have met the customers very specific requirements.



You are in charge of maintaining all the servers in our environment.  On the second Tuesday of every month (we call it patching Tuesday) You have to update server A.  In fact, you have to patch many servers every month as follows:


Date for Patching

Server A

Patching Tuesday

Server B

Friday after patching Tuesday

Server C

Monday after patching Tuesday

Server D

Monday after patching Tuesday

Server E

Tuesday after patching Tuesday

Server F

Tuesday after patching Tuesday


You have been trying to keep on top of this with an outlook calendar but you can’t use the recurrence feature as patching Tuesday can be every four or five weeks depending on the month.  Is there any way you can populate all of these dates for me into a SharePoint calendar?

Many thanks for all the winners of the January 2017 Mission‌! That mission received more replies by far than any mission in the history of this community. Thank you!

Those who completed the mission will receive badges and points soon. Check your reputation tab in your profile!


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Thank you all for taking part! I hope you learned something.  You should see the points/badge in your reputation tab of your profile. If you don't, or if I missed someone, please let me know. 

Meanwhile try your hand at this one: