Blue Ribbon Group for 2017 Announced!

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blue ribbonWe're re-booting a small program to improve the community called the "Blue Ribbon Group."  It's a group of 20 experienced, trusted community members who've volunteered to take on some tasks around the community.

We started this on a sort-of experimental basis last year:  Blue Ribbon Group Launches in Connect.  You'll know a group member if you see a little blue ribbon next to her or his name.

They've agreed to do a number of extra things in the community.  They'll be helping new members, answering questions, sharing their proven approaches, and providing feedback to Nintex on the community.

Their first big effort last year was to mark answers correct, and they did a bang up job!  In three months, they marked 600 correct answers that were just waiting to be marked.  That helps useful information surface higher in search results, which in turn can help a lot of people find solutions. That makes the community more useful for everyone.

So, if you ask a question and forget to come back and mark an answer correct, don't be surprised if one of them does it for you after a few days.  It's done in the name of closing the circle on questions so that people can find the solutions they need.

There'll be other initiatives. But for now, my heartfelt thanks to the following members of the 2017 Blue Ribbon Group!

Look up their profiles and click "follow" to see what they're up to in the community. You can @-mention them in threads if you are looking for some help.

I want to publicly thank them for their help and community leadership.