Announcing: Nintex Add-in for Outlook

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We're very excited to announce our latest innovation - Nintex Add-in for Outlook!


Nintex Add-in for Outlook is a brand-new way to experience Nintex from Outlook.  Make your users more productive by interacting with Nintex Workflows in the context of email, seamlessly inside of Outlook.

With Nintex Add-in for Outlook, users can:

  • Quickly and easily respond to Nintex Workflow tasks from within Outlook
  • Add comments to tasks providing context to decisions
  • Rapidly progress a workflow without having to transition to a browser
  • Increase productivity whether using Outlook on the desktop, the web, or even a smartphone or tablet

screenshot c1 - desktop.png

Nintex Add-in for Outlook activates when receiving any “LazyApproval” email from Nintex Workflow.  Simply open the Nintex Add-in, enter a comment if desired, and select your choice from the list of options.  Nintex Add-in for Outlook works with existing workflows without requiring any updates to Nintex Workflow software or to the workflows themselves.

Nintex Add-in for Outlook is available for free download from the Office Store , and requires that the user have access to a licensed version of Nintex Workflow 2013 or 2010.  Nintex Add-in for Outlook is compatible with Outlook 2013, Outlook Web App, and Outlook Mobile apps Android and Windows Phone.

Instructions on installation and usage are available here.

Note: Nintex Add-in for Outlook does not yet support Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

We are planning on adding more capabilities to this Add-in soon, so please download and try it – we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement!