Nintex Workflow Cloud: Data Lookup Control

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We know that form designers are always looking for ways to improve the experience of form participants. Form designers want to increase the likelihood that their forms get filled out, both quickly and accurately, and that their workflows get adopted by the business. To help in this regard, we have taken your feedback and added functionality to be able to bind third-party data to a new control in NWC forms, the Data Lookup Control.


This control will help form designers by:


  • Reducing required manual data entry into a form​
  • Improving data accuracy and reduce the risk of bad data​
  • Reducing time to complete forms​
  • Improving participant experience and increase the number of forms filled out


Now creating a data-bound drop down is as simple as configuring a data source in the dashboard and selecting that data source it in the options available of the Data Lookup Control. 


We currently have support to be able to create data sources from SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, and any custom connectors. In the coming months, we will be adding MySQL, MS SQL, Dynamics CRM and Salesforce support, so watch this space!


To give you a demonstration of creating Data Sources and configuring the Data Lookup Control, I've attached a video giving you a bit of a rundown and demonstration of this feature where I create a form with cascading drop-downs bound to SharePoint lists.