A Simple Time Sheet Solution - Part 3 (The Nintex Form)

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Greetings!! ,


Finally back in South Africa from Namibia!


And I'm excited to bring you part 3 of my Time sheet blog series. If you guys remember in part 2 , I didn't get to cover the Time Sheet form below:



And so in this part I've included a breakdown on how the Time sheet Form has been put together as suggested by David Heineman  


I've done a +/- 29 minute long video explaining the form in greater detail, and also shared some tips and tricks that should help you on your Nintex journey  

Hope you guys enjoy this 


Have a great week everyone!


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These are good documents for me, but as per the instructions given in this timesheet I am getting error in some variables (i.e. UDA and extra columns) when editing the form and workflow 2013Capture.JPG.

I edited it here:

1) Replace the initial name to Emp number.

2) Added in the form of additional calculated value (Act Type).

3) Added 2 additional lookup columns in Repeating section filter based on project columns.

4) Another final report for the timesheet report added its work parallel.

5) How to keep the lock on the weekend date


Please guide me or provide solution( i.e Form template and Workflow  Template)

Thank for Advance.