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Identity and Data Security in K2 Cloud for SharePoint


Identity and Data Security in K2 Cloud for SharePoint


K2 Cloud for SharePoint acts as a hub of information in the enterprise. In this role, K2 Cloud handles data from many different systems which is exposed to users through Forms, Reports and consumed in Workflows. The way K2 Cloud authenticates users and communicates with line-of-business (LOB) systems is secure and reliable. This document describes some technical aspects of identity and data flow in the context of K2 Cloud for SharePoint applications.

This document describes how K2 Cloud:

  • Protects your data, allowing only your users access to your company's information
  • Integrates securely with Azure AD for authenticating users
  • Uses standard protocols, such as OAuth, for communicating with LOB systems
  • Makes use of the Office 365 framework for requesting administrative consent
  • Employs secure technologies for data encryption and does not store or cache business data
  • Includes information about security when using the K2 Mobile app on iOS and Android devices


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