not authorized to respond to this task

When I delegate a task to a user they get the following error.  The user has full access to the site, I have added them in the owner's group, they have two logins which I had added both of the accounts in the owners group yet when I delegate a task they keep the following error. I need help!


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Re: not authorized to respond to this task

Yes, such situations can be frustrating. Have you checked the security permissions on the workflow task list used by the workflow? I ask this as this is a usual suspect. Have you checked the permissions for the user you're delegating to? In other words, have you looked at all that they have access to and cross-referenced that every list in use by your workflow is included in their permissions list? It's onerous, but there's no real way of cheating security.

Whenever I get this message (normally on a newer farm) it always comes down to missing permissions. Good luck!

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