create a recurring task

I have a list with recurring actions that must be completed at different intervals; 7 days, 36 months, 12 months etc.

How do I create a workflow to send out recurring tasks or notifications on the due date

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Re: create a recurring task

Hi Carole,

I am not aware of a direct way of setting up a recurring tasks in Nintex, but you could achieve it in a variety of ways depending on your requirement.

1] Create a task in a  loop (which can loop depending on the interval you need

    Pros - This could a genuine recurring tasks which wont have an exit (unless you specify a specific exit condition)

   Cons - if the first task is not responded, then the task will not move ahead to the next recurring task. i.e. if 7 day task is not completed then the 36 month task will not be triggered as its sequential. (This also could be circumvented by creating this in a parallel task and exiting after a certain time only using request approval not flexi task)

2] Create parallel task for each of this 7 days/36 months etc.

Pros - Task would be generated when the time comes and it will not be depended on the earlier task to finish

cons - We need to know before hand how many recurring tasks you need.



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