Workflow description in Workflow Inventory

Hi, guys! With one of Nintex Worklow updates Workflow inventory has been introduced. But workflow description field has been removed from this view. And i have no idea how to quickly look in description!

There is only one long way:

- open Workflow inventory

- click on workflow to open preview

- then click on Edit workflow

- and then open Workflow Settings.

It was a very handy feature, to read workflow description in "Manage workflows.." option before opening them!

Now I see at least 3 places to put workflow description back:

1) At preview, in any top corner, probably under this links

2) As optional column for Modify View in Workflow Inventory

3) Just bring description back under the Workflow name.

Don't you have a plans to reanimate this?

Thank you!

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Re: Workflow description in Workflow Inventory

Hi Alex,

totally agree with you. You should add it as a suggestion at Nintex' user voice site too. I think the chances to find its way back to the features set are better if more people support the idea.

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