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'Wait for Check-Out Status' Change Action Errors-out

In one of my Nintex-2010 workflow scenarios, I have used the 'Wait for Check-out Status Change' action and configured to wait till the document is unlocked by document-editor, as shown below:

Document Locked Wait.JPG

The workflow waits whenever the user has kept the document opened, after saving it. But it errors-out abruptly when he/she closes the document after a couple of minutes!! This is really unexpected behavior from the workflow. The error message is also misleading and we are not able to troubleshoot the issue...!! Is it something to do with the wait-operation dependent on the workflow-timer to execute without any hassles?

We also observed that the 'Pause for..' action in some of our other Nintex-2010 WFs are erroring out at random intervals, the actions after the Pause activity do not execute!! I suppose both the above issues are connected with the Workflow Infrastructure. Any suggestions would be really helpful..!!


Abhijith Shastry

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Re: 'Wait for Check-Out Status' Change Action Errors-out

What are the error messages?

What does the workflow history diagram look like (ie what action is highlighted as the last action)?

what happens after the pauses?

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Re: 'Wait for Check-Out Status' Change Action Errors-out

Hi Cassy,

It seems like the workflow errors-out after waiting for 'Document unlocked by Document Editor' action, without a specific error message. In the activity log, it shows that it has completed all the steps, but errors-out in the end!!!

Workflow Errored.JPG

When I view the workflow status page, all actions appear in 'Green', even though the workflow has errored:

Workflow Status.JPG

I've also verified that the Initiator has 'Approve' rights on the document for the Content-Approval to go through.