Start WF when creating a new task

Hi community,

I have already noticed that it might not be ideal to start a new WF on item creation within workflow task list (Is there any issue in creating workflows in a task lists?), but I also have the feeling that it is not generally forbidden to do so.

My use case:
I have a list where user information is collected that needs to be further processed by different parties.

At one point of the process this initial information has to be valued (and enriched) by 1-n departments.

Therefor a lot of information has to be given (approx 30 questions). I created a content type based on a task list for this operation. Within my workflow I used a "start task process" object (as I mentioned there are 1-n receiver of this task), while the tasks should be processed in parallel. During processing of these tasks, the info already given (via special task content type) should be stored in a separate list. So there is one initial list entry within the main list and 1-n entries connected to the initial list entry in the separate list.

While I am able to start all tasks in parallel, I am not able to collect the feedback to this tasks immediately in my workflow (I want all feedbacks, but I do not want to wait for the last feedback before further processing).

Therefor my idea was to start a workflow on item creation within the task list in order to copy the input into the separate list. But unfortunately this does not work (item was created, but workflow didn't start).

Any suggestions how to solve my problem?



Update 02.08.2017: I bypassed the issue by using a scheduled site workflow. No issues with that.

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Re: Start WF when creating a new task

Although I do not know all the scope of your workflow,I think 2 ways

1) You could use n "start task process" actions for each department

2) You could use another list ( not Tasks ) and:

-Create n-items that starts another workflow

The second option should have more complexity to manage those pseudo tasks