Securely connect on premise K2 with Office 365?

I am currently examining if it is feasible to utilise the K2 app in Office 365 with my on-premise K2 server. When I read the doco, it seems to indicate that I need to make some of the K2 Server services visible on the 'public internet'. Obviously I want the connectivity between Office 365 SharePoint and K2 to be secure.


Does anyone have any comment on the best way to go about this? Has anyone done this in a production environment?



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Re: Securely connect on premise K2 with Office 365?



The communication from the app to the K2 server is all web requests. The services you would need to make public is the Runtime services and when using SharePoint online the app requires that the Runtime services runs under HTTPS. 


I have done one or two implementations were we simply create a firewall rule to allow connections to port 443 for the K2 server.


At the end of the day it is how strict you make your firewall rules and how good the firewall is. It’s simple HTTPS requests which should be secure already.


Hope this helps