Query Data From Different Site Collection



I have a list located on the top level site called "Branch Permissions"

I have created a sub-site from the top level site within which I am working on a list called "CRF".


In a workflow associated to "CRF" i am trying to query the "Branch Permissions" list. For obvious reasons I cannot select "Branch Permissions" from the drop down.


I have tried carrying out  instructions on https://sharepoint.protiviti.com/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=89 but I seem to be stuck.


It advises that you create a temp workflow on the list for which you want to query and set it up with the necessary filters. But I am confused as the filters I want to associate too; dont contain the columns in the "CRF" list so how am I ment to copy the CAML code across. 


Can someone here please give me a clear set of instructions on how to obtain data from a column in one list sitting on the top -level site and apply to a query command for a list which sits in a subsite from the top-level.

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