Outcome options with unlimited participants

I have an activity with four Action Results: 

* Approve

* Not Applicable

* Reject 

* Rework


But only three Outcomes: 

* Approve

* Reject 

* Rework


This activity can have a varying number of people participating in it, depending on the results of previous steps in the Workflow. 


I need it so that if there is any combination of Approved or Not Applicable marked, basically so that no one selects Rework and no one selects Reject, then it is sent down the Approve outcome. 


I've tried 

All Action Result <> Rework 


All Action Result <> Reject

but the first person to approve or mark it as not applicable expires the rest of the Worklist Tasks. 



All Action Result = Approve 


All Action Result = Not Applicable


be my best option here?



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Re: Outcome options with unlimited participants

Hi Iberrones


I just want to check that you have the activity set as planned "All at Once" and "Create a slot for each destination".


Also, if a participant selects "Reject" or "Rework" do you want the remaining participants to also select an action, or do you want the workflow to progress immediately  once of these options is selected?


If the settings are as above you can try using the status of the activity instance instead of the action result for the approve outcome. (See the attached image.)


For Approve:


All of ActivityInstanceDestUser Status = Completed


None of Action Result = RejectDecline


For Reject and Rework:


At Least 1 of Action Result = Reject/Rework.