NINA - Encryption of the SharePoint files

NINA is a unique provider hosted application that allows end users to encrypt their sensitive files stored in SharePoint server / SharePoint Online. Encryption can either be triggered manually by the user using one of the ribbon buttons, or automatically by Nintex workflow.

Let's say, the document goes through an approval process, when the approval is done, the final action of the workflow is the http request, which calls the provider hosted application NINA and returns the enrypted file to the SharePoint document library.

Furthermore, generation of the one time url for download of the encrypted file is supported (one time passoword for decryption is sent via text message to the user's mobile phone). It is a great way how to securely distribute content to external users, who can download the file from the generated one time url.

Most common use-case scenarios:

  • Encryption of the payroll documents
    • HR system generates the payroll documents and calls the NINA provider hosted applicaton, NINA encrypts the document for HR role and relevant employee
    • Encrypted doucument is sent to the SharePoint document library
    • Each employee can only decrypt their own payroll documents by providing their personal PIN/ password, thus not even IT roles with full access permissions can not view the payroll documents.
  • Secure distribution of the sensitive documents to the external users through one time url for download
    • Cooperation with external lawyers, document reviewers
  • Contract management application
    • After approval of the contracts, the contracts are encrypted, so that only management can decrypt them
  • Vendor portal
    • A SharePoint site is used for cooperation with vendor / distributor
    • Part of that site is a document library for sharing sensitive documents, where encryption is enabled
      • Let's say when the document is approved, it is automatically encrypted and shared with the vendor party 
  • Personal SAFE
    • Are you working with senstive document within your company?
    • Would you like to use benefits of the shared DMS such as SharePoint with added etra layer of security provided by encryption?
    •  NINA is great for securing document libraries used as personal or shared document libraries for management roles, so that not even IT roles with SharePoint admin access right can view content of the enrypted files.

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Re: NINA - Encryption of the SharePoint files

Secure sharing of documents.