Looking for a suggestion on form Accessibility for AD group

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I stuck with one of the requirement, could someone suggest how do I can achieve?


We have a form(Form-1) where the access rights will be change based on the logged-in  user. For few users it will be read-only whereas for few others it will be editable.

For this we created an new Form(Form-2) called as an user administration form. From Form-2 we are providing the required access for the users(Active directory users) and the details are maintaining in UserManagement table.


Sno  UserName Role

1         XXXXXX      R

2         YYYYYYY      E


In Form-1 we wrote a rule in a way that, after loading the form it will pick the logged-in user information and it will check in the Usermanagement table and based on that it will enable the options.


Now we have a requirement that, They want to restrict the access with AD groups and aswell AD users.

Though we add the AD group to the usermanagement table, The users whoever are part of that group is not getting the required access.


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Re: Looking for a suggestion on form Accessibility for AD group



You perhaps make use of AD smartobject to find out which group the logged in user belongs to and then perform your comparison from there?


Something relevant:

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