List Item Previous Values in K2 for SharePoint Workflow

HI All,


In a K2 for SharePoint workflow built using the K2 web designer through the K2 for SharePoint 2013 app, how can I get a handle on a particular list item's previous value?

Here is the business case:

When a field was previously blank and it was set to a value with this last edit, I would like to start a workflow to send an email. This email needs to be sent only once and hence I need to check what the previous value was to see if it was blank before.


Unfortunately I cannot change my forms to K2 smartforms and I have to use the standard SharePoint forms.


You can configure the workflow to start when a list item is changed, but I cannot figure out how I will get what the previous value was for the fields (aka the values before this update took place).

If I could use K2 smartforms I could have saved the fields on form load to extra data labels and then send them to the workflow using datafields, but you cannot do that using standard SharePoint forms.


Do you know of any other way to solve this?

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas.

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