Line rule not working

Hey everyone, I have simple rules on two lines, but for some reason the logic isn't working.

It's a New Hire workflow and basically the initiator chooses a job that has an associated job code.  The next task goes to the hiring manager UNLESS it's job code 1150.  If it's 1150, the task needs to go directly to the next event, Help Desk task, bypassing the Manager task,

So the simple line rules coming from the initiation are

Job Code = 1150 (This is the line bypassing the manager task, going right to the next task, the Help Desk Task)

Job Code <> 1150 (This is the line going to the manager task)

Seems simple enough, but as soon as I send a workflow with a Jobe Code of 1150, it ends up at the manager task instead of bypassing.  It seems simple enough to me, how can this be happening?

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Re: Line rule not working

AH!  I figured out my problem.

I created a data field as an integer type, then set a Data Event (set process data fields) and added

JobCode(integer) = JobCode

Once that data field was made to be an integer, the line rule worked!  I'm guessing it was a string type before maybe and couldn't make sense of a string <> 1150 (integer)

Anyway, I'm rambling....thanks!