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How can i connect two sharepoint lists

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Hi everyone,

I need to connect two lists within SharePoint . For example the first list will have a unique id column and a first name column

List 1


ID         First Name

1           Jacob

2           Jordan

List 2 will have the same Unique ID column first and last name column. List two will have a workflow that once ran, will pull in the first name and match it to the same ID.

List 2


ID         Last Name     First Name

1            Doe               Jacob

2            Smith            Jordan

Or I can have a third list that pulls both lists information into it at the same time.

Is this something a workflow can do?



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Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert
Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert

Re: How can i connect two sharepoint lists

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Hello Jacob Nye​ -

This is entirely doable, and there are multiple ways to approach this.  I think that you may want to determine how you want it to behave first as it will point you in the direction of how to develop a solution.

If you have your two lists (LIST_ONE and LIST_TWO) and you want LIST_TWO to be updated from values that are in LIST_ONE, I would approach it just as you said; pull in the desired columns based on the unique ID. This can be done by using the Query list action and finding specifically the one you want to lookup:

You can filter your lookup list down to the specific ID, which you would match up against the ID (or any field you want) from the current item.

You then can store an column from the target item into a workflow variable for later use.

Next you will want to update the current item with the data you pulled from the lookup using the Update item action:

Here you can select any column in the current item to update with the variables you stored earlier.

You may want to consider creating this in a site workflow so that you can schedule it at specific times throughout the day id desired, but that is up to you and the needs of the process. For now, I would try it as a list workflow as detailed above and go from there.

Alternatively, you could make a LIST_THREE list and create a workflow on each LIST_ONE and LIST_TWO to update the corresponding item in LIST_THREE, but seems redundant.

Hope this helps!