How can I make effective use of For Each Event Wizard in K2 Studio



Can I use more than one 'for each event wizard' in my workflow developed in K2 Studio? I was trying to design a workflow using multiple 'for each wizards', and everytime I create a new item reference for my second 'for each event wizard', the older item reference needs to be replaced by the newer one, otherwise it gives me an error such as 'Object Reference not set to an instance of an object'. Can the same item reference be used in multiple times in a workflow or do I need to create a new item reference each time I use a 'for each event wizard'? Could anyone please  explain me a bit more about this wizard and how I can use this effectively in my workflow more than once? I  am using this wizard because I wanted to update multiple list items at a time at each step of my workflow.  Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.




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