Error with K2 Smartobjects

I am new to K2.  I am building a smartobject for a list of faculty tracks.  I had created a generic list yesterday with Tenure included.  Today, I received the full list from the department and when I enter and save the values, I get the following error:  The requested item "Tenure" cannot be found in the collection.


Any ideas?

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Re: Error with K2 Smartobjects



What smartObject does it built on top of? Is it a SQL table smartObject? if its is there any recant changes done to the underlaying Table Object? The error tells in the underlaying object there is not column "Teneure" but it exists at the K2 ServiceObject level. If you have deleted the "tenure" column from the SQL table, please refresh the K2 Service Object from the Tester and then edit the SmartObject in the designer and rerun it.


Hope it helps!



Prajwal Shambhu

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