Does K2 require regular performance counter resets?

Yesterday, all our K2 applications were not accessible in live for about 5 minutes. The below is a snippet of what our analyst came back with:


- System

  - Provider

   [ Name]  Microsoft-Windows-IIS-W3SVC-PerfCounters

   [ Guid]  {90303B54-419D-4081-A683-6DBCB532F261}

   [ EventSourceName]  W3CTRS

  - EventID 2001


This error is basically presented when the server is too busy to reset the performance counters for whatever reason, as soon as it quietens down then it can perform this task and catch up with itself. This is why it was only a blip for a relatively short time (only for a few minutes).

I’m not exactly sure how K2 works but some websites require updated performance counters to operate correctly, if this is the case for K2 then it might explain why no home pages were available.


So is anyone aware of K2 SmartForms requiring regular performance counter resets to work? If so, then our analyst will look to configure it so that job doesn't stop when the server is busy.


I have logged a ticket with K2, but just wondering if anyone else could shed some light on this.


(We're on K2 4.6.10)

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