Discrepancy between Workflows table and Site Workflow Inventory

Hi Guys,


Since our customer is migrating from 2013 to the cloud, we're running an inventory of all workflows for a web by querying the database on WebId.


When doing this, a lot of workflows are returned for which the list doesn't exist and where the workflow doesn't show up in the Site Workflow Inventory.


Our guess is that the customer used a template or did a migration at 1 point and that the database is no longer up to date.


Is there a timer job that brings the Nintex database back up-to-date and any idea why this hasn't ran automatically?


Tx in advance.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Discrepancy between Workflows table and Site Workflow Inventory

Hi barendds,

could be the customer deleted the List that have the WF associated with?

As Nintex Workflow DB is Not synched with the modification of SharePoint object such List object.

Nintex WF DB will record any modification to Nintex WF either on List or Site.


From what i can see that looking at the Nintex DB, you found the WorkflowName recorded with a ListID and WebID. 
The WebID still exist but that ListID doesnt exist in SharePoint content DB any more, have you checked the Recycle Bin by any chance in case if it was deleted? 


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