Close button won't close the form

I have a picture library whose default view uses the Newsletter style. I have applied a Nintex Responsive form to this library. If I open an item for viewing from the default view and then click the Close button, the page refreshes but doesn't close the form. I experience the same behavior using a Nintex Classic form. If I remove the Nintex form, the Close button works as it should.


If I set the style of the default view back to Default and use either the Responsive or Classic form, the form will close when I click the Close button. I have determined that the Close button works only with the following view styles in a Picture library:


Picture Library Details
Preview Pane


We currently have Nintex Enterprise Forms 2013, version I checked the Release Notes for all releases after ours and didn't see anything that seemed to address this particular issue. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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