Change Mail Notification Header via API

I am trying to create an automated installation procedure for a complete SharePoint 2016 on prem Site Collection, including Nintex functions.


It is a small C# Console application which uses PnP and CSOM coding to do a full solution provisioning, in different staging environments.


I managed to publish Nintex Workflows, apply Nintex Forms, and even create Workflow constants inside the executable.


Now I am searching for a way to modify the Notification Header for the Mail Message Template (_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/MessageTemplates.aspx).

I found the Header Information in the dbo.MessageTemplates Table inside the NintexWorkflowDB (with web and side id for reference), but neither the Workflow.asmx service nor the nwadmin tool seem to have any API function to change those.


Is there any way to script that for an automated deployment?

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Re: Change Mail Notification Header via API

Ok, another step in my software archaeology research.

After I found some information about the ominous nwadmin powershell cmdlet, (https://help.nintex.com/en-US/nintex2016/sp2016/NWAdmin/ConfigureSettings.htm) it seems like it has a method called ConfigureSettings, that I had to play around with.

I could not find the “NintexWorkflowSetup.xsd” file anywhere on my server and I suspect this thing does not exist anymore. Even in old Forums entries I found references to http://nintex.com/NintexWorkflowSetup.xsd , which again, doesn’t exist anymore.


So after finding another really old entry (SP2010), that talked about the Scope “Site” not working for the config files (http://developer142.rssing.com/chan-7367632/all_p22.html), I managed to create a .xml file that deploys the Message Template to Farm level. You basically create an xml with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<NintexWorkflowSetupParameters xmlns="http://nintex.com/NintexWorkflowSetup.xsd">


                                <TemplateRecord Scope="Farm" Url="SharePoint URL">

                                                <Header> </Header>

                                                <Footer> </Footer>

                                                <ApprovalRequiredBody> </ApprovalRequiredBody>

                                                <ApprovalNotRequiredBody> </ApprovalNotRequiredBody>

                                                <ApprovalRequiredSubject> </ApprovalRequiredSubject>

                                                <ApprovalNotRequiredSubject> </ApprovalNotRequiredSubject>






But the issue that the original poster was talking about in the year 2014, seems to still exist.

I can Change the Form Message Template for the Farm, but I still have to figure out, how to do that on Site Level.

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