Add users to SP Group from picker field (or grant users from picker field to only one/current Item)



I would like to deploy workflow with following requiremnts


- User A adds new Item with K2 form (New) on Sharepoint2013 (WF start - New item added) . In form he writes following:

 text in Memo field and with picker control he can define one or more receipements

- Each receipement gets task

- Each receipement gets Read access only to this Item (not all items in List). He already has access to this Item (but only at time of opening it from task).


Till now i managed:

- users defined in Item sucessfuly receive their task


Still not solved:

- rights for recipements for active (current wf) item

  In case of one receipement my WF adds user to specified SP Group, to grand him read access to whoel list, but it gets right to see all items in List, not only for current Item (as I wish).

 My current solution works only for one receipement. When more receipements are added, adding users to SP Group doesnt work (wf is succesfully finished but with no result in SP group).


Current Workflow activities and events made in K2 Studio:


- Start (new item added)

- Get user reference ( Item references/Receipements(value)  -> Get User Reference - Select User User Login Name)  Reference is created

- Add User To Group (Specify Group / Browse to group = Existing SP Group, Use a user that is referenced in this wf = Reference created in previous step)


Any help appriciated.



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