Your guide to Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud

Video created by eharris04 Employee on Sep 18, 2017

    This feature friday video goes over a new set of functionality recently release for the Nintex Workflow Cloud Product.

    Forms is an intricate part of the workflow process because it enables you to control the data you need to capture to not only kick off the process, but also move the logic along during the process.


    With Nintex Workflow Cloud, the forms product brings a more responsive, fast design experience to the process and enables embeddable forms, as well as public facing anonymous forms that can be used to collect information and send it to the correct systems of records.


    If you have a Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant, use this key below to import the workflow and form I designed in this video:



    If you don't have a tenant, try Nintex Workflow Cloud today for free: It takes less than 5 minutes to get going and we are here to help.


    Also check out the blog written by the forms Product Marketing Manager Matt:


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