Build a mobile app for your org in 3 minutes with Nintex App Studio

Video created by eharris04 Employee on Sep 8, 2017

    In this Feature Friday video I walk you through one of the lesser known features on the Nintex Workflow platform called App Studio. With app studio you can build a mobile app, custom designed to fit your organizations brand and even place forms within the app so that your users can access the right content at the right time.


    App Studio also allows you to deploy or distribute the app to your users without having to publish it to Apple or Google. Take a look at this video and check out this blog for more information on how you can build a mobile app in minutes for your organization.


    We go over the new Scheduled Workflow functionality release during the Summer 2017 for Nintex in Office 365. This feature makes it easier to bring advanced automation to your site workflows to do more things such as governance, maintance and more. With scheduled workflows functionality, you can set up to five different schedues for a single site workflow and enable/disable the schedules as needed.


    View the feature blog written by Terry Simpson here -


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