Learn why Nintex makes automating task easy

Video created by eharris04 Employee on Aug 21, 2017

    In this Feature Friday video we go over the ability to create a task in Nintex Workflow Cloud and how to set the task expiration options to escalate that task to another user after a period of time.


    This is demonstrated during our real world scenario of capturing applications for our Nintex Advance Preview program and routing those applications to the correct PM.


    This functionality makes it easy to bring advanced automation to cloud systems as we have done in our scenario. No need for spinning up servers and VMs and countless hours of code, design your workflow and form in minutes.


    View the functionality blog written by Dan Barker here - https://goo.gl/TP1VCm


    Find out more information about Nintex Workflow Cloud - https://goo.gl/bN2Qjo


    Visit http://xchange.nintex.com for more solutions to help you automate workflows today