Create a sandbox with Nintex Hawkeye and Nintex Workflow Cloud: Part 2, setup a Usage Lens

Video created by weitkae Employee on Jun 1, 2017

    Linking Nintex Hawkeye and Nintex Workflow Cloud and trial tenants gives you a sandbox with pre-built workflow templates. In this sandbox you can test or demonstrate both services and your business analysis options in a safe, controlled environment.


    This 6 minute long, second video in the series covers how to connect Nintex Hawkeye to a Nintex Workflow Cloud data source and and run the Usage Lens.


    To create a Usage Lens:

    1. In Nintex Hawkeye, create a Usage Lens by connecting to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant.
    2. In Nintex Workflow Cloud, publish Template 1: My First Workflow.


    To generate and view Usage data:

    1. In Nintex Workflow Cloud, run Template 1: My First Workflow several times to generate Usage Lens data.
    2. In Nintex Hawkeye, analyze your data using the default Usage Lens dashboard.


    Next Steps:

    Part 3: Add Beacons to the workflow Template 2: Email Approval and run the Process Intelligence Lens



    For detailed step-by-step instructions on creating and running a sandbox follow this guide..