Sign up for a Salesforce Developer Edition trial

Video created by weitkae Employee on Mar 22, 2017

    This video explains how to sign up for a free trial of Salesforce Developer Edition that you can use to test Nintex Workflows and Drawloop document generation.


    Testing against your production Salesforce is not recommended unless you are just about to release your workflows and documents.



    1. Browse to:
    2. Click on Sign up
    3. Fill in the registration form and click Sign me up
      1. Use an email address that you will also use to create connections 
      2. For Username, pick a unique address and in the format of an email address, but not a real email address
    4. Check your email for notification from Salesforce
    5. Click on the link  Click ... to log in now.
    6. Change your password and set up your security question.
    7. Click on the View Profile icon and select Switch to Salesforce classic unless you are specifically testing the Salesforce Lightning Experience