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Filter list lookup by userprofilelookup

Question asked by craig.baxter on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by craig.baxter

Hi all,


Newbie with Nintex forms here.  I'm awaiting our training but in the meantime have dived in and got stuck on something.


I've got the following fields;


Field name (type)

1. Nominee (People)

2. Job title (Calculated Value)

3. Department (Calculated Value)

4. Location (Calculated Value)

5. Amount (List Lookup)


The user does an employee search using field 1, when they select a user fields 2-4 are populated by the UserProfileLookup.  The Amount field is looking up from a list with two columns; Location and Amount.  The values look like this:


Location     Amount

UK               £50

UK               £100

US               $50

US               $100


I previously had field 4 set as a list lookup, which cascaded to field 5 - so if the user selected UK in field 4 it would show two choices in field 5; £50 and £100.  Since fields 2-4 are now filled automatically, I can't get field 5 to filter anymore.  I've found this post which seems to be a similar issue.


I wondered if anyone had a suggestion, it'd be much appreciated.