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After migration to DEV, workflow Import (from ribbon) across environments results in empty workflow

Question asked by mgreene on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by mowen

The Production environment was backed up and those backups were used to create a new instance of the Development environment.


Everything else related to SharePoint and Nintex appears fine, user defined actions were exported and imported, etc.  However, when I attempt to export a workflow from Production and then import it into a workflow in Development all the workflow actions disappear.  It appears to leave a blank workflow in its place.


This happens with importing to new, or existing workflows.  However, exporting a workflow from the Dev environment and importing it into a new or existing workflow in Dev works.


No errors appear or anything, just the empty workflow.


Both environments are running;

Nintex Workflow 2010 ( - English


Any idea what may be the cause of this?