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Password provided does not work for trial version even if i had already accessed it in the previous days.

Question asked by judith on Jan 21, 2016



I'm currently using trial version of Nintex because I want to be familar w/ the features.

I was able to create a simple workflow. It was easy and quick to use.


However,the problem lies on the authentication log in provided particularly w/ the password.
I've noticed it the first time then was able to access the site after few attempts.

But this time,I cant log on anymore. Always been asking for the password.Attempts done so many times.

Trial version expires on the 17th of Feb.


Site is added to IE trusted sites. Checked for any restrictions,no problem w/ permissions.

Have contacted Nintex Tech Support,wasn't able to help.

What should I do?

Is there a required IE version or browser?