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best way to create tasks

Question asked by sharepointsean on Jan 19, 2016
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I am looking for some information and guidance on the best way to use Nintex to create a list of tasks.

My scenario goes as such:

1. I have a SharePoint 2013 custom list that has a form in it that managers have to complete when a new employee is hired.

2. This form tells our systems people the type of computer and software to buy, distribution groups to add someone to and other information.

3. I need to create a list of tasks and assign these tasks to different systems people based on the task.


I figure that for each option I am going to have to create a variable in order to store the information from each question(s) and then pass the variable data when the task is created.

Can someone advise on the best way to create a task and how to assign it to a particular person.


Thank you