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simultaneous data capture and editing ideas

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2016
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I've a request to turn a paper process into a SharePoint based one and I'm a bit stuck.


Paper process is as follows. It's for marking a dissertation.


1. Admin email a pdf to two reviewers, one each. The pdf is for the reviewers to record their scores and comments for the paper based dissertation posted out to them.

2. Reviewer 1 and Reviewer 2 both begin to read the paper dissertation and record comments and a final score on the pdf and return it. They do this simultaneously and it's not currently an issue because each reviewer gets their own copy.

3. Admin receive reviewer 1 and reviewers 2 files by email and have to create a single document to record total score and both sets of reviewers comments and scores.




Customer is asking for


1. Admin create and send ONE form to both reviewers

2. Form is created and saved in SharePoint

3. Form can be read or written to simultaneously and admin don't have to merge documents they receive by email.

4. Metadata from the form can be seen in SharePoint without having to open the form/document. Metadata such as student name and ID, name of reviewers and their scores, final score. It's ok for the much longer comments fields to need to be opened to be read.


Ideally this would be done in SharePoint but I realise InfoPath doesn't allow simultaneous editing and I don't know about its ability to merge InfoPath forms. Maybe each reviewer can get a form each and they get rolled up into a single copy when submitted.


I suspect Adobe reviewer comments can do something for them but we've SharePoint 2010 + Office 2010 and first impressions are it looks clunky


Thanks for any ideas/experiences.