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Nintex Workflow - Use Build String to create HTML

Question asked by leif.frederiksen on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by mmatsako

I use a workflow to create some HTML that I store in a field on my list item.


I can do all kinds of stuff - for example create a table. Then when the list item is viewed, the nice table is shown in a field.


However - there is one thing that is somehow left out: I want my HTML to refer to a stylesheet, so the styling of the table can be dynamically changed later without having to re-run the workflow on all the list items. But my "<LINK REL ...." stuff seems to be ignored.


An example:


I have a list with a multiline textfield called "SomeHTML" and this workflow:




Running the workflow on a list item results in this way - I can see the result of the two heading tags and they appear in the DOM viewer, but the "<LINK Rel..." has magically disappeared.


How should I go about making a reference to a stylesheet in the workflow generated HTML?