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Build string problem: concatenate 3 string variables containing <a> tags into single text WF variable

Question asked by contenu on Jan 18, 2016
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IN Nintext Workflow + Forms (on-premises) I'm trying to build a dynamic string containing up to 3 hyperlinks.


In a Build string action, I construct a HTML hyperlink to a task response form, as follows:


<a href="{Common:WebUrl}/Lists/Workflow Tasks/EditForm.aspx?ID={WorkflowVariable:idTaskIDBranch1}">{WorkflowVariable:txtSoortActie1}</a>


and store the output in a single line text variable linkTask. I do this 3 times, so I have 3 separate workflow variables linkTask1, linkTask2 and linkTask3, each containing a hyperlink.


I then want to build combine these 3 variables into a single multiline text field variable, as follows:






This variable is then written to a SP list in a multiline text field (type Enhanced).


PROBLEM: only the last hyperlink {WorkflowVariable:linkTask3} is created in the multiline text field. Links 1 and 2 two are 'ignored'. The end result is like:




<a href="http://site/Lists/Workflow Tasks/EditForm.aspx?ID=123">hyperlink text</a>


The strange thing is that it works fine when I hardcode three hyperlinks into the mutline text field. It fails only when I use the workflow variables in the manner described. I am stumped and have spent hours trying to solve this. Any assistance woudl be highly appreciated.


Kind regards,


Robert van Raamsdonk