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Multiple Approvals through a single email group

Question asked by lsepaugh on Jan 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by lsepaugh

I'm trying to implement an automated approval process with out site's workflows. However, the "approver" is an email group with several member in it, and yet, I need to wait to receive two "aqpproves" in order to proceed. Meaning - I want to send one email out requesting approvals, to a single email group, in one email, and wait to receive two oks. Is this going to be possible, or should I figure out some kind of workaround for this?


I can get both flextask and request approvals to send the email to the group, however it triggers on the first reply, regardless of my setting (because there's only one "approver" as far as the system knows), however it does work with whomever replies from the email group, which is nice.


The way this is right now: In my current group, we will send out an email to several email groups through outlook for data center site access, one of these is in the To: and a few of these are in the CC. The approvers are in the To field in which case there are 6-7 people in that email group. My group waits to receive two okays from the approvers so that we can mark their okays off on our change order. Afterwards, we will send a notification to the DC manager to pass off the relevant information to the data center so our engineer can go on site. This process is what I'm trying to get automated.



After playing around with the settings some more, I think I may have to introduce a manual step on our part: send a regular email like we used to do as well as an "approval" or flextask for my group; then when we see two approvals come back, we can reply to the "request approval" email to kick off the rest of the workflow.



If possible, I'd like to avoid adding this manual step. But if there's no way to send an email to a group as a whole and make sure to receive two approvals back, that may be the only way I can see myself moving forward with this.


Any suggestions in implementing this?