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Repeating section with lookup : missing values in calculated fields

Question asked by al_figeas on Jan 14, 2016
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I got a problem with my formular. It's a complex formular, with lot of fields and 3 repeating sections (not nested).


Each repeating section looks like this :


  • First column is a search for data from another list
  • First 4 calculated columns are data for selected "Produit" from same other list.
  • Then there are 2 input fields (numeric)
  • The last calculated value is "Prix" * ("Quantité" - "Retour")Total is the sum of all "Prix" from section.
  • "Total" (Under) is the sum of all "Total" values from section.


Column "No article" is set to update when form is displayed, all others calculated fields are set to not update on display.


My problem is that values for "No article" are randomly empty on display.

If I close and reopen forms in display mode, it's sames or others "No article" that are not displayed.


Samples (no modification done between screnshots, just close and redisplay element) :





I got the same problem when I modify element, but for all four first calculated values (those performing a lookup). They do not display randomly.

The problem is also present in the two other repeating sections.


Here the code for calculated field "No article"  :

Other calculated values have same code, only column name change ("pfer").


Note : I got 3 selectors on top of each other. Only one is displayed depending of current language selected (it'a a mulilanguial form).


I hope someone can tell me why I got this problem or have a work around.


Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.