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What are the limits for a Assign Flexi Task?

Question asked by nyeman17 on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by emha

Hello Everyone!


I created a doc read functionality using the assign flexi task workflow. I need almost every associate to read the uploaded documents.  That being said ... everyone will get a task. I am looking at 1000+ tasks that will need to be sent out. I can sent about 53 without a problem.. when I add another group making a total of 100 it fails.


Is there a limit on tasks that can be sent out?


Here is a little overview of that I have so far.


Document library-

     I have a Yes/No column named "Required to read" When "Required to read" is set to Yes on the form the workflow below starts

1) Run if Required to read" =Yes

2) Pause for 5 Minutes. This allows for the document to upload before the tasks sends out to everyone. Other wise the upload a document form will not disappear until all of the tasks are sent out.

3) "-" is the flexi task. see the second image.


Here, I use the edit task form to display the document that is required to read.




Once they click read it sends the task to another task list where I have 2 other workflows that pull in the associates location and center.


When I have the two separate workflows enabled I sometimes get a "task is locked by another workflow" workflow. I assume that's because the task is taking along time to process sending to that many people.  So when  I try to go and read the document it has not been processed yet on the task list locking the workflow.


Though when I have the two workflows disabled, it works for 53 people... I just then cant pull in their managers name and location.


If anyone knows a tip or trick for sending out tasks to about 1000 people please let me know!