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Need help getting Display Name from a Person or Group list item

Question asked by sshostak on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by jaapsteenis

I have a SharePoint list column that is Person or Group and would like to extract the Display Name in a workflow control. We are using O365 Forms and Workflow.

The column is Employee Name and the list properties for it show as Name so the SharePoint list works but when I use the Current Item in workflow I get something like this > %$#[members]userloginname@domainname - I would like to get the users first name last name for display on a calendar.

I'm using a Update List Item in workflow and it doesn't have an option for Display name for all the Person or Group columns on the right nav. Only has that option for the initiator which is the person logged in and not the one I want.

Any help would be appreciated.