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Scroll bar issue in Enterprise forms product

Question asked by chuckalexander on Jan 12, 2016
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We recently had an issue upgrading the Standard Forms product from the version to the version where it would put scroll bars on the forms in some of our solutions.  We ended up reverting to the older version.


Now we want to upgrade to the Enterprise Forms product and are worried about the issue reoccurring.


I have looked on the product update pages and searched a bit, but didn't find where this issue had been resolved or if anyone had seen it in the Enterprise Forms product so I just want to ask the community:


1. Does anyone know if the scroll bar issue from the version of the Standard Forms product was resolved in later versions?


2. Does anyone know if the Enterprise Forms Product has a similar issue?


Overall, I think that both the Nintex Workflows and Forms products are excellent and realize that regressions and bugs are part of the software life cycle, I just want to avoid UI issues if at all possible.