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Question asked by marp on Jan 12, 2016
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My original question was: “I need the IT-Costcenter from a string e.g. ITCOST=1234567; COST=7654321; ACC=0000. The rest should be replaced with " ". How can i achieve that with replace()? I tried it but i didn't get the desired result.”


The solution was replace(replace(costcenter,"(ITCOST=)+",""),"([;](.)*)","") and it worked perfectly (thanks for your help!). Now i have the problem, that I need the second value from the string e.g. ITCOST=1234567; COST=7654321; ACC=0000 for a second field. Could someone help me …again.


Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!



The solution was: replace(replace(_costcenter,"((.)*(; COST=)+)",""),"([;](.)*)","")