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List Lookup in WF task form, containing people, for assigning task

Question asked by kundan1991 on Jan 11, 2016
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So I'm stuck with a problem for couple of days now.


I want list of people to be displayed in 'list lookup' control in task form and form that selection of people it should assign task and send notification.


I made a custom list lookup column in 'workflow task' list which links to 'names' field from an employee list.

and I'm send the list of people from 'query list' control to the workflow task form through 'list variable'.



well this is what i've been trying but cant get it done. can someone help me out with it.


thanks a lot any response.



I found this article on InfoPath forms.…


This is exactly I need to do with Nintex workflow task form.


is it possible?


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