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Nintex Workflow - Auto Select Choice Field Metadata Values

Question asked by gbaker88 on Jan 11, 2016
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I have a Nintex workflow that pushes data from list to another list and am trying to find a way to auto-select the choice fields.


Here is what happens:


List A (workflow initiator): Has basic project information (implementation types, type of project, etc)


List B (item gets created in): Where we store the resources of each project


List C (secondary list that has events): Based on the unique ID from List A this list is queried into the form and pushed over.


List C looks like the following:


Project      Event Name                          Planned Start

Alpha          Startup                                   1/1/2011

Alpha          Internal Design                        6/1/2011

Alpha          Implementation                        8/2/2011


Now when the item in List B is created the Event Name from List C is written into a choice field within the form where the resources can check off which events they are attending. Example is below:



What I'm trying to do here is to have those values auto-selected so users can just uncheck the events they are not attending. Thoughts?