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Flexi Task - reminders and escalation process

Question asked by igorsp on Jan 8, 2016
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After searching and finding conflicting answers (Escalation Timer Begins when Task is created or Reminder Timers finish (Flexi)? ) I have decided to ask this question, or rather a series of questions, one more time.


Here is a scenario: I created a Flexi Task due in 5 days which shows as a date in the following format xx/xx/20xx 12:00 AM. I set the reminders to be emailed 5 times every 1 hour. Can you please verify if I am correct here:


- The first reminder will be sent at xx/xx/20xx 1:00 AM OR 8:AM if "

- The last reminder will be sent at xx/xx/20xx 5:00 AM OR 12:PM if "

- If I want to schedule escalation it should be set to at least Due Time + Reminder Time which in my case should be 6 hours. In this case the escalation will occur at 9:00 AM OR 1:PM if "


I understand that the above actions will happen on or around the scheduled time depending on the timer job execution.