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Can Nintex assist in maintaining and managing large lists

Question asked by csrameneni on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by mzi

Hello Friends,

I have a requirement that should be implemented using Nintex Forms and I would like your expert assistance in answering some of the issues



Create a solution that will be used around 600 users. Each user will create at least 1 task so each day there will be around 600 items which will be stored in List 1. Based on List 1 data(using lookup option), users will then create items in List 2 and assign them to individual teams. The data in the List 2 may be more than 600 per day.


As this will be hosted on SharePoint, the usual threshold limit rule is applicable. So based on my above requirement, would it possible to split the List 1 and List 2 into multiple lists? I would like to create a master list and based on certain criteria, I would use Nintex workflow to create items in the sub -lists.



1. Which action should I use? Create list item or Create list item in another site?

2. Unlike Infopath, when an item is created in a list using the workflow, will it be Nintex based list entry or a regular list entry?


My queries might not be at 100% as I'm still trying to put various requirement pieces together. Please provide any recommendations and do recommend any suggestions that might be useful.


Thank you.